Noise propagation in HVAC networks

HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system-related noise and vibrations can unacceptably affect the acoustical environment in the space they serve.

Background noise in office building can lead to a significant decrease of the concentration and performances. High noise levels in factories are a significant cause of concern for HES (Environment, Health and Safety) management. Undesired noise coming from HVAC systems can cause lowering of concentration (libraries, schools), disturbance during rest (hospitals, clinics, hotels, residences, and apartments), and negatively influence activities that need a quiet background environment (churches, mosques, synagogues, performing art spaces, museums, recording studios and laboratories).

The importance of a correct acoustic design, which avoids the occurrence of undesired noise levels in occupied spaces, it is widely documented in scientific/technical literature. The construction of any new HVAC system should take into account a correct and accurate acoustic design. Furthermore, maximum noise levels prescribed by environmental regulations are becoming increasingly stringent. This results in an increased need of modification and correction of existing HVAC systems that exceed maximum noise levels.


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