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Odeon Basics

Odeon has released Odeon Basics edition.

Odeon Basics is as the name suggests an edition which includes the basic features of the Odeon Room Acoustics Software which is also available in the editions Industrial, Auditorium and Combined.

Odeon Basics allows point response calculations carried out using the same Odeon algorithms as in other editions of Odeon

Odeon Basics includes:

  • All the facilities for room modeling, including the SU2Odeon plug-in for Sketchup http://www.sketchup.com , import of CAD models in the .dxf format etc.
  • Visualization of geometry, materials, sources and receivers in 3D displays
  • 3D Investigate ray tracing for verification of models etc.
  • Quick estimate which yields fast estimates of reverberation time using statistical formulas
  • Point sources which can be assigned Gain, Equalization, directivity pattern etc.
  • The multi point response facility which allows point response calculations – this allows calculations according to ISO 3382 part 2: reverberation time in ordinary rooms, ISO 3382 part 3: open plan offices, Speech Transmission Index (STI) - IEC 60268-16 as well as statistics for a selected number of receivers etc.
  • Full featured measurement facilities using the sweep method or external recorded impulses is included. It is made easy to compare measured and simulated parameters in the Multi point response display.
  • Room acoustics parameters included are EDT, T20, T30, SPL, SPL(lin) , SPL(A), SPL(C), STI(male), STI(female), RASTI. The Curvature (C) parameter and the non-linearity parameter (Xi) for evaluation of decay parameters according to the most recent release of ISO 3382-2 are also included.

Odeon Basics does not include:

  • Line and surface sources
  • Grid response for mapping of a receiver area
  • Auralisation

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