Outstanding performance

  • 3 array sizes with up to 384 microphones available
  • Real time virtual microphone
  • Digital microphones, no extra acquisition unit needed
  • Intuitive software
  • Plug and play within 5 minutes

The Norsonic Nor848A sets a new standard for acoustical cameras. The large number of microphones eliminates the problems of ghost-spots, compared to traditional acoustical cameras where the relatively low number of microphones increases the side lobe effect, resulting in the so called ghost-spot effect. You measure a non-existing source. The Nor848A software is extremely intuitive and easy to use. Just after a few minutes of training, the user is able to operate the system and do real measurements. Three camera frontends are available.

A 0.4m array with 128 microphones, a 1 meter array holding 256 microphones and a 1.6 meter array with 384 microphones! The system enables the user to perform noise analysis with a clear view of the spatial distribution of the sound in real time! The system is easy to set up in the field. Just power the self-contained unit from mains or battery and connect the LAN cable to the computer. The system is ready to measure in just a few minutes after entering the site.


  • Robust camera front-end based on a circular carbon fiber disc, three sizes available:
    • 128 microphones 0.4 meter array
    • 256 microphones 1 meter array, only 11 kg weight
    • 384 microphones 1.6 meter array for lower frequency analysis
  • No interface box between array and laptop, direct connection with LAN cable
  • Listen to and analyze real time audio from virtual microphone position
  • Virtual microphone enables you to listen to the sound contribution from any source real time, filtered with your selected frequency range
  • Microphones on a disc prevent sound and echo from behind
  • Low self-noise and large measurement range
  • RPM option for analyzing rotating machines.
  • High-performance optical video camera are included in the camera front-end unit
  • The distribution of the high number of microphones ensures high resolving power and reduces the problems due to side lobe effects compared to most other acoustic cameras
  • Digital microphones ensure large dynamic range and high stability
  • Simple connection to the included MacBook Pro computer through a single LAN-cable.
  • All parts are integrated in the camera frontend – no need for a signal processing interface box
  • Operated on mains or DC input
  • Records the signal from every microphone


Sound of Numbers Odeon Pemard

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